This group is an evolution of a group that has been in existence since 2006: the Orange County Embedded Java Users Group (http://www.ocejug.org/). The goals of that group were to bring together developers who were using Java on small devices or using Java to interface to devices which interacted with the physical environment. We also welcomed embedded developers in general. Since 2008, with the arrival of Android devices, the OCEJUG has evolved into a group which is more Android centric. It now makes sense to split the group into two entities: SoCalAndroid.org & SoCalEmbedded.org.

Hack Nights
We generally do not have formal meetings. Instead we meet virtually every Wednesday evening at Smart-Soft in Irvine, from 19:00 (7pm) until 21:30 (9:30pm) or until we’re tired. (Exception: There is no meeting on the Wednesday that is adjacent (i.e., immediately precedes) to the 2nd Thusday of the month.) The purpose of these meetings are to learn about Android application development; work with others to develop Android applications; see/touch/hold & discuss new Android devices; or, collectively speaking, to converse about all things Android.

Mailing List
Join the mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/socal-android NOTE: Existing OCEJUG members you will be converted over automatically and then unsubscribed from the OCEJUG. If your are also focused on embedded work then you will need to join the http://groups.google.com/group/socal-embedded directly.]